Witness says drive-thru mob hit was ‘like in the movies’

The slaying of a reputed mobster at the drive-thru of a Bronx McDonald’s on Thursday was a scene straight out of Hollywood — with a gunman sprinting up to his car and blasting bullets through the window, a witness told The Post on Friday.

“It was like in the movies,” said the man, who declined to give his name but saw surveillance footage of Sylvester Zottola being gunned down at the Belmont fast-food joint around 4:45 p.m.

“We saw a car, a silver Acura TLC, I think, drive up the block. A person ran inside the drive-thru. He had something in his hand. Shot the victim. Through the passenger window, I think, and ran back.”

The witness, who works in the area, had heard the shots while inside a nearby paint store and came out to see the 70-year-old victim’s body.

“We hear ‘bang bang bang.’ A guy says to me, ‘That sounds like firecrackers.’ I say, ‘No, that sounds like gunfire.’ Then we hear all the ambulances and the cops,” he said.

“I saw the body. His head was hanging outside the window. Of course there was blood. You take two shots to your head. It was dripping in the floor. It was disgusting.”

The witness says he wasn’t surprised to see the assassination in his neighborhood — just by Zottola’s choice of cuisine.

“We’re in the Bronx. There are shootings. I thought he must have done something. Then we found out he was a Mafia boss,” the man said.

“I was surprised he was here. Mobsters eating in McDonald’s?”

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