Where to Buy Your Next Pair of Glasses, According to 6 Stylish Women

I wear my reading glasses more than any other accessory I own. They’re also probably the oldest item I wear regularly. I bought them 10 years ago, and, at that point in time, I wasn’t thinking about how my eyewear would fit in with my personal style—I just needed to see my computer. Sure, they’re practical (square frames from Costco, which I chose because they’d match everything I owned at the time), but they’re not necessarily something I’m excited about every time I put them on. I just never felt compelled to replace them.

That’s changed only recently as I’ve started to come across these incredibly stylish women on social media wearing aviators, cat-eyes, and wire-rimmed frames that feel fashionable, on top of being a necessity—part of an outfit, as opposed to simply an afterthought. I’m not just imagining this: The optical eyewear market growing rapidly and is predicted to reach $136 billion in value by 2021. Glasses no longer have to be all utility, and designers know it.

Wanting to upgrade my everyday frames is one thing; sifting through the masses to find the perfect pair is another matter. So I went to the very people who gave me eyewear envy in the first place—fashion editors, designers, models, stylists, creatives—to share their go-to’s for glasses. And it turns out there are plenty of places you can pick up readers with flair, from kitschy vintage cat-eyes to modern acetate frames.

Read on for fashion experts’ top suggestions for where I—and really, everyone—should look first for a new pair of glasses.

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