What’s Your Fashion Personality?

Batsheva: The Subversive Conservative

The thing that makes fashion both thrilling (to the shopper) and maddening (to the retail executive) is that it’s so hard to predict. After all, who would have thought that, in 2018, one of the hottest labels would be one that is primarily inspired by traditional Hasidic, Amish and Victorian garb?

Batsheva, designed by Batsheva Hay, specializes in the kind of frocks that would look at home at Pioneer Village, in patterns befitting your grandmother’s well-worn couch. They’re stocked at the coolest retailers (Opening Ceremony and Matches Fashion, among them) and are on the top of many a fashion lover’s list.

Batsheva ruffled-trimmed prairie dresses, $478 at Matches Fashion, matchesfashion.com.

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