The World’s Best Beautifying Oils And Where to Buy Them

For a while the world went absolutely nuts for coconut oil, and people were using it for everything from lotion to cooking to cleaning their teeth. The craze for coconut oil has died down slightly, but the trend created a new-found interest in oils and how to use it in skincare and daily life. Oils are endlessly nourishing for our complexion, hair, and nails, and come in a variety of colors and textures. Even if you fancy yourself a hair or skin oil expert, most likely there are many high-quality beauty oils that you haven’t tried. Some countries are specifically famous for their oils and today I’m counting down some of my absolute favorites and where to buy them. Make sure to nab these when you’re abroad to use once you’re back. They will make your skin and hair look incredible and help you reminisce about your former vacation destination.

Monoï Oil. Photo by Getty.

1. Monoï Oil – Bora Bora

Monoï combines two amazing ingredients that grow abundantly in French Polynesia, fresh tiare flowers and coconut oil. Together they create Monoï, a clear and intoxicatingly floral blend that moisturizes skin and protects hair from damage. Surfers like to use this all over to brave the elements when they’re spending all day in the sun and in the water. You can purchase it with SPF to use outdoors or use it as a body oil. The summery scent will whisk you away to the French Polynesian island even in the wintertime.

2. Argan Oil – Morocco

You might be familiar with this one, argan has also had a bit of a moment and has been lauded for its hair-beautifying qualities. Since it’s a dry oil it leaves no residue but makes hair feel soft and lustrous. If you’re planning a trip to Morocco make sure to get the good stuff — here you can even visit an argan farm and get the undiluted highest grade clear argan oil which you can use in a multitude of ways. Some people even like to use it on top of their food as it has a light nutty flavor and is filled with antioxidants.

3. Moringa Oil – Kenya

This oil has anti-aging properties and is filled with phytonutrients, making it an ideal candidate to use in your skincare routine. Apply a few drops to your face after cleansing your skin in the evening and you’ll wake up with a glowing complexion. With its moisturizing qualities it can also help with a dry or itchy scalp, soothing your skin. This is a great oil to purchase while traveling in Kenya or even bring as a gift for your friends.

4. Rose Oil – Bulgaria

Roses grow all over the world but they are famously fragrant in Bulgaria, so if you happen to be traveling there make sure to bring some home. The oil is a famous mood lifter, great to inhale on a dreary day. It’s said to have a calming effect to you can also diffuse it or apply a few drops to your body on days when you’re feeling more anxious than usual.

5. Chia Oil – Mexico

Many people love eating superfood chia seeds in their diet but this oil, which you should purchase on your next trip to Mexico, is also great on skin. It contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which can help strengthen your epidermis and feels light, not greasy, to the touch. It also has a long shelf life so you don’t need to worry about going rancid after a few months. If you have dry skin, apply it after taking a shower to lock in moisture during the winter.

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