Shades of popular ’70s TV series comes to Nampa Fire Dept.

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NAMPA – The Nampa Fire Department next week will be rolling out a new quick response unit that’s named for a similar unit in a popular ’70s television series.

Nampa Squad 51, as the vehicle is designated, is a two-person quick response unit that will be first to respond out of Station 1 (at 923 1st Street South) on medical calls. 

Nampa Squad 51 will be staffed with a driver/firefighter/paramedic and a captain. “While its primary purpose will be medical response, the squad will also be equipped with a small water tank and pump, along with firefighting gear on board,” said Nampa Communications Manager Amy Bowman.

The squad model has been deployed across the United States for many years.  

Nampa Squad 51 is a nod towards the 1970’s television show “Emergency!” which featured a two-person Los Angeles County Fire Department firefighter/paramedic rescue vehicle called “Squad 51.” 

“The primary purpose of Nampa’s Squad 51 is to keep larger units — i.e., fire engines — in their assigned districts for a higher percentage of the time during the day, in case of larger incidents,” said Fire Chief Phil Roberts.

About 70% of NFD service calls are medical in nature. The squad will be responding directly out of Station 1, and will be able to assist other stations and nearby areas as needed, Roberts added.

The public is invited to the introductory “push in” ceremony –- a fire service tradition — for Nampa Squad 51 on December 3 at 10:00 a.m. at Fire Station 1.


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