Prosecutor drops sexual abuse charges against Turkish TV series actor Talat Bulut


Turkish TV series actor Talat Bulut (R)

A prosecutor has decided to not pursue sexual abuse charges against Turkish TV series actor Talat Bulut, his attorney said, citing “lack of evidence.” 

Bulut was accused by costume assistant Özge Şimşek of sexual harassment during the filming of the Turkish TV series “Forbidden Apple” (Yasak Elma) in May.

More than 50 producers and directors of the popular Turkish television series had announced last month that they would not employ Bulut because of the charges.

According to a written statement released by Bulut’s attorney on Aug. 7, the chief prosecutor’s office in Istanbul’s Büyükçekmece district decided to not indict Bulut.

“The prosecutor’s office investigated the issue in every aspect, listened to both parties and witnesses before deciding that there was not enough evidence that raised a strong suspicion to launch a public case,” the attorney’s statement said.

The decision, which can be appealed, apparently contradicts with a recent ruling by Turkey’s Council of State.

The top court had stressed in the ruling earlier this month that a self-described victim’s testimony should be considered “enough evidence” to launch a trial in cases of sexual abuse.

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