Newman Technology celebrates 5 years, debuts new technology

WAAY 31 learned an automotive supplier is now working with Toyota to bring 50 new jobs to the plant.

Newman Technology company is celebrating its fifth anniversary in Albertville where it debuted its newest technology.

WAAY 31 was there for the celebration and learned more about what this new expansion means for Toyota.

Newman Technology currently employees 320 people and now another 50 jobs have been added to the plant. Plant manager Jeff Thomas said the Toyota-Corolla project started just over a year ago and now the plant is working with another manufacturer in Mississippi to stamp frame components for the company.

“For the toyota project it would be a frame components stamping out of that,” said Thomas.

The plant now has a new 2,000 metric ton Aida press to do the stamping work and will ship the parts from Albertville to the plant in Mississippi. This helped to create 50 new jobs at the plant.

“It’s great for the company. it’s great for the community. You know Albertville and Marshall County they have been just wonderful to us. This company here, 320 jobs, a great shot in the for our community here,” said Thomas.

Thomas said this is just the latest in a three part expansion.

Governor Kay Ivey was at the celebration and she told WAAY 31 Newman Technology is having a huge impact on the economy in Alabama.

“These folks are working. They’re able to provide for themselves and their families. They’re paying taxes. This is huge and that’s the reason why growing our economy is so important. Putting our people back to work and we’ve got more working today than ever in our states history,” said Governor Ivey.

Thomas said the company is looking forward to continued growth and they couldn’t do it without their employees. 

The company also used the celebration to as a time to give back to the community presenting Albertville High School with a $10,000 check.

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