Honor Community Health offers variety of resources for the homeless, uninsured

There are times in life when a little bit of a helping hand is needed.

Erica Partee, the hard-working homeless program manager for Honor Community Health, offers just that.

“I’m a department of one,” said Partee. “I go out to South Oakland Shelter, Baldwin Center, HOPE Warming Center, Grace Centers of Hope, and the HAVEN Domestic Violence Shelter. I help them navigate all the different resources that they might not be aware of.”

Honor Community Health was established in 2012 to provide medical care and assistance to those who have struggled to secure proper coverage and treatment. As a Federally Qualified Health Center, grants are received via state and federal government to help serve many of the uninsured or those on Medicaid.

“When I visit the shelters, I’m assisting all the people with Medicaid insurance,” said Partee. “Some of them have Medicaid, but they haven’t picked a plan. So I help them find the right plan, and if they don’t have a primary care physician, I connect them right to us where we can give them an array of services: podiatry, behavioral health, dental, prenatal care. We can also do immunizations and cancer screenings.”

Honor Community Health’s program to assist the homeless sets out to make sure that any and all missing links are connected. If there are resources available, Honor’s program wants to make sure they are utilized.

And why having Partee is so integral to the cause.

“I’ll help connect them with food or clothing resources,” she said. “A lot of them do have a case manager, but that person can’t do everything. So I’m like an extended part of that case management component. If they need a ride to and from an appointment, I’ll help set that up with Uber Health. I always leave them my business card with my personal cell number on it so they can reach me anytime.”

Partee joined Honor Community Health in August and has been assisting the homeless population in various capacities for over a decade.

“It’s very satisfying to watch them go through the whole process and come out on the other side with housing. Or getting their children back. Or getting clean. It’s awesome to see.”

For more information about Honor Community Health, visit www.honorcommunityhealth.org.

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