Health briefs published Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2018

Albertsons/Osco Pharmacy at 3151 N. Montana Ave., and Safeway Pharmacy at 611 N. Montana Ave., are providing flu shots on a walk-in basis to patients 12 years and older. Both stores have high dose flu vaccine for patients 65 and older, this is four times more potent than standard flu vaccine. For all other patients, we have quadrivalent flu vaccine that covers four different strains of flu, instead of three strains with the typical flu shot. The pharmacies are able to electronically bill most insurances at the time of vaccination, and flu shots have no co-pay for patients with Medicare Part B, Tricare, federal employee and state employee insurances. The pharmacies are also providing vaccinations for pneumonia (Prevnar and Pneumovax), tetanus with whooping cough, hepatitis A and B, and Shingrix for shingles (as available from the manufacturer). All patients receiving a vaccine will also be given a 10 percent off coupon for groceries on up to a $200 purchase at Albertsons or Safeway. Call 449-2295 for questions or to schedule vaccination clinics for large groups.

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