From teenage anorexic to fashion editor: Bethan Holt on dealing with body image

This morning, I opened Instagram on my phone and within 30 seconds I had seen: a slim French blogger posing in a polka-dot bikini with the faintest hint of stretch marks on her thighs, posted with the caption, ‘Stretch marks, new chic?’; a painfully thin model doing ’90s sexy’ for a cool New York boutique (‘Get this girl a croissant!’ read one comment) and a famous plus-size model in a thong bikini asking ‘What ya having for lunch?’ All this before I had eaten breakfast. 

As a 30-year-old fashion editor, I have been to hundreds of catwalk shows and along the way, learnt not to get caught up in comparisons. So I can take the mixed messaging about body image that social media throws at me in my…

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