Feeling optimistic about business? You’re not alone

Everyone has job openings, and most people feel the economy is going to continue to get better.

The National Federation of Independent Business reported that the optimism among small businesses in the United States recently topped a 35-year high for the trade association’s economic index.

“Small-business owners continued to deliver an ‘amazing’ performance, taking the Index of Small Business Optimism up 0.9 points to a record high of 108.8,” the NFIB said in a report for August. “Six of the 10 index components advanced, three declined and one was unchanged.”

Big movements were seen in job creation and openings, which both set records, the NFIB said. Part of this was from the need for more workers and from the national low unemployment situation. The NFIB also said that capital spending plans, which generally indicate expansion or increased production, were the highest since 2007.

That’s how small businesses feel about the overall state of doing business in the U.S. But how about you? Take our survey.

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