Alex Rider TV series finds a director

Earlier in the year, Sony and Eleventh Hour Films announced that they had acquired the rights to Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider book series, and had tapped BAFTA Award-winning writer Guy Burt (The Borgias) to script an eight-episode adaptation of the reluctant teen superspy’s second outing Point Blanc.

Well, the project has now found itself a director for the first half of the series, with Andreas Prochaska, director of the upcoming Das Boot TV series, signing on to direct and executive produce the first four episodes.

“Within the first few pages of reading Guy Burt’s compelling scripts for the series I was hooked,” said Prochaska. “Guy has taken Anthony’s brilliant, well-loved character and created a bold and unique concept, a coming-of-age story set in the clandestine world of spies sure to excite fans and newcomers alike.”

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“Andreas has a captivating and authentic style of storytelling, and we couldn’t be more excited to have him on board,” added Sony’s president of international production Wayne Garvie. “We can’t wait to start the search for our new Alex with Andreas leading the way!”

“We are delighted to be working with visionary director Andreas Prochaska,” stated Eleventh Hour’s Eve Gutierrez. “Andreas’ work, whether for the big or small screen, is always underpinned by thrilling, emotional experiences making him the perfect choice for Alex Rider.”

The Alex Rider book series launched in 2000 and now spans eleven novels. A feature film, Alex Rider: Stormbreaker, was released in 2006 with Alex Pettyfer starring in the title role, although it tanked at the box office.

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